We are reinventing education. This will change the world.”

Anant Agarwal, Head of edX

The Council of Professional Teaching Associations of Victoria (CPTAV) has been reflecting, observing, listening and adapting to the many shifts within education over the past year. This has been a cleansing process and has started our own reinvention of consolidating relationships with key stake holders, identifying new ones, developing policies and processes and visioning how to be effective in the future to benefit professional teaching associations.

At the beginning of the year CPTAV took stock and evaluated its current practices. This process involved interviewing all committee of management members, talking to members and developing policies to support the CPTAV office team in the management of the Statewide Resource Centre. The outcome was the development of a Strategic Plan for CPTAV, which you can see later in Annual Report. The Strategic Plan aligns the current practice with the constitutional purposes and is often referred to by committee of management and CPTAV office team when discussing current or future directions. This has enabled CPTAV to focus on key areas and work to communicate appropriate and accurate information to members.

Throughout the development of the Strategic Plan it was important to analyse the financial position of the CPTAV. The finances of the last 5 years were scrutinised, systems where adapted and information gathered to support developments. The SPP Monies at the beginning of this year were separated from the CPTAV finances and the Department of Education and Early Childhood (DEECD) were informed of the funds held by CPTAV. The current committee of management and CPTAV office team are continuing to work with DEECD to ensure that these monies are used to support the SPP networks and in particular professional teaching associations. At the beginning of the new financial year CPTAV moved to using Xero as its accounting software. This has enabled the bookkeeper and Executive Officer more access from any computer to observe and or make payments as required.

This year the Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) triennium reports were due in July. The CPTAV as leader of the professional teaching associations network and Secretary of the SPP Advisory Group has worked to keep members informed about SPP matters. The CPTAV has submitted 2 applications in this triennium ‘Empowering Victorian teachers through professional teaching associations’ and ‘Primary associations network’. We hope to be successful in our applications and look forward to letting members know how the ‘primary associations network’ could benefit your association.

The CPTAV committee of management and CPTAV office team has been working closely with Carlton Primary School and the DEECD to strengthen the policy and protocols of the building as a whole. This has led to the reinstatement of a resident’s handbook outlining the current policies of the shared space. The DEECD Infrastructure division is working on creating a resident’s agreement to secure arrangements and provide the building manager with security when dealing with building matters.

The professional learning program continues to grow to support CPTAV members. The professional learning committee has been working with the CPTAV office team to develop and source relevant presenters, to inform members about current trends or areas specific to professional teaching associations core needs. All professional learning events are now taking registrations online through the website. We have noticed a steady increase in attendance at professional learning events but will continue to work in this area to create opportunities for members to network, discuss and create collaborative projects to benefit Victorian educators. The CPTAV office team has created a Youtube channel to film events and or individuals to engage the broader membership around current issues.  We hope to use this channel to inform the broader educational community about CPTAV and its members and what we as professional teaching associations offer school communities.

The website has gone through some major developments and information has been updated to reflect current practice. This has been a timely process and the CPTAV office team has received some professional development to become more confident in this area. Over time, the CPTAV hopes to continue to develop the website to enable members access to resources created, to share more information about members and develop the database to connect with a much broader audience. At the end of this year CPTAV will be updating the website platform to allow greater functionality and access to a broader range of plugins to benefit members.

In the past, the CPTAV generated a calendar of all professional teaching association events and sent this out to all schools in Victoria. The committee of management and CPTAV office team considered how we could continue this important benefit to CPTAV members. This led to some wonderful discussion, valued input and the development of a semester professional learning calendar of all events for professional teaching associations. The CPTAV will be sending this out to all association members in the near future to forward to your networks. The CPTAV will advertise the calendar to key stakeholders and email all schools throughout Victoria with a covering email explaining the importance of professional teaching associations. If you have any feedback on the calendar, or areas that could be further developed please do not hesitate to contact the CPTAV office team to discuss.

This year has also seen the CPTAV develop it’s social media to connect with the broader educational community. The committee of management generated a policy to inform the CPTAV office team and Facebook and Twitter accounts were established. This has been a huge area of growth for CPTAV and we are finding that we are connecting with State, National and International associations more frequently to discuss educational matters to share with our members. If you have not yet joined the conversation either as an association or individual I encourage you to do so.


Daniel Betty

Executive Officer